Window Tinting offers!! Giving the best look, protection and privacy for you and your vehicle. With 3 types of materials to choose from and prices that are accessible and best for you.

The Tint Options Available:

***Regular Line – $140.00 Coupes,
$160.00 Sedans
$180.00 SUVs
(Like dyed film, keeps heat away from interior space by reflecting it away; in the case of metallized film, this is done by very small metallic particles – invisible to the eye – embedded in the film. This metallic content strengthens the window as well; in the case of a vehicle, the window will be that much more shatter-resistant when metallized film is used. Metallized window-tinting film creates a shiny appearance from the outside. It is more resistant to scratches than dyed film.)

*** Premium Line – $180.00 Coupes
$220.00 Sedans
$240.00 SUVs
(Delivers rather better results. Carbon film doesn’t have any metal in it, carbon window-tinting film is dark and matte-finished, so it provides a tasteful option on windows. The carbon content of the film blocks about 40% of the infrared light that enters through the windows. Carbon window-tinting film is about as effective as other varieties in blocking heat; its use will effectively cool inside space while also helping prevent fading to upholstery.

***Ceramic Line – $220.00 Coupes
$260.00 Sedans
$300.00 SUVs
(Keep your car looking and feeling cool with our best film yet! Our Carbon Series film is a true carbon film that is inherently color stable since it does not contain any dyes. And because of the densely packed nano-carbon compounds used in its construction, this film has a very high heat rejection and immunity against fading.)

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